• No setup Fee...Free to Join 
  • No lead Fees...You will not be charged for leads
    for work that you may never get
  • Low 3.5% transaction Fee...Only when you accept work
    through Installerpool



  • Get more work
  • Separate yourself from inferior or less experienced Installers
  • Make more money
  • You don't pay for leads...$0 cost unless you actually get the job
  • Free direct deposit...Get your money with $0 bank cashing fees
  • No waiting for money...No check cashing Fees
  • Builds a Resume (in case you relocate)
  • Find a helper in a "click"
  • Free professionally designed Personal website
  • Know what jobs you have going in advance

What you need to get your free account:

  • You will need a valid SS# or EIN # 
  • You will not need your Checking Account # to set up an account. However, when you accept your first job through Installerpool you will be asked for that information so that when the job is complete the money can be wired to your accoun
  • If you have Insurance it will be good to have it while setting up your account to enter the policy numbers 

So what are you waiting for: